NovaNature Adventures

Let our experienced guides show you the spectacular scenery of Nova Scotia and the extraordinary in our nature and culture.

Nova Scotia Tours are for small groups of up to five people. These five-day tours present Nova Scotia’s most amazing scenery, wildlife, and culture. We offer two amazing tours, and we can also customize tours for your group.

Our three-hour Eastern Shore Adventures are intimate encounters with nature and culture. These fun hands-on experiences appeal to the inner naturalist and cultural enthusiast in us all. Our adventures are perfect for those who want to make lasting memories together.

Your Experiences Include:

  • Breath-taking natural scenery with short hikes.
  • Exceptional hands-on experiences with exceptional guides.
  • Special moments with Nova Scotian culture and history.
  • Encounters with coastal and marine wildlife above and below the water (whales, seabirds, fish, seals, and tidal pool life).
  • Opportunities to give back to nature and communities.
  • Time for reflection through art or writing.

Nova Nature Adventures

598 Isaacs Harbour Road,
Goldboro, Nova Scotia


Your Lead Guide

Dr. Stephen Flemming is the lead guide for NovaNature Adventures. He has worked as a biologist, conservation manager and superintendent in national parks across Canada. He also directed Nova Scotia’s largest living history museum.

Stephen has published over 40 scientific papers, established long-term conservation programs, and even helped to establish a World Heritage Site. He also is an amateur history enthusiast and artist. Today, he sees his role as a naturalist teacher, seeking to appeal to the inner naturalist and cultural enthusiast in us all.

He has been recognized with several awards, including the Public Service Award of Excellence for Canada.

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