Our Philosophy

NovaNature Adventures is inspired by the Piping Plover. Back in his high-school days, Stephen Flemming (our lead guide) became deeply engaged in the plight of this remarkable endangered species. Stephen subsequently spent many years in conservation studies and recovery efforts with this little bird, publishing a number of scientific papers on the species and initiating the Piping Plover Guardian Program, which continues to this day, three decades later. Today, the Piping Plover has many people contributing to its’ survival. Our plover friend is teaching us to care and reminds us that we as individuals can make a difference.

NovaNature Adventures is dedicated to deepening our understanding of the natural world and the cultural context that surrounds it. NovaNature Adventures is working towards a different kind of tourism – one where visitors enjoy new places and experiences but also give back to the natural world and community. We believe in Regenerative Tourism, and as one of our guests, you too will become part of this world-wide effort to make tourism a positive act as well as a learning and enjoyable experience.

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