Nature and culture Adventures: Our services include scheduled five-day tours of Nova Scotia, customized tours of Nova Scotia or Atlantic Canada, and three-hour Eastern Shore adventures in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. We explore the beauty and wonders of nature and the cultural context that surrounds and envelops Nova Scotia and region. Nature, history, and community are intertwined and connected. We explore these connections and have a lot of fun in the process. Be prepared to let your inner naturalist emerge!

Experiential Tourism Development: NovaNature Adventures and Consultants offers strategic planning and experience development for the tourism industry. The company benefits from the leadership of Dr. Stephen Flemming who has decades of experience in conservation research, conservation stewardship program development, tourism management, and leadership facilitation for managers. He will take the time to ensure all voices are heard as part of strategic community development, ensuring that the path forward has strong grassroots support. Likewise, for experiential development, he might provide some context and ideas to assist, but mostly he encourages and ask questions to help people grow their experience ideas. Being true to yourself is the first and most important asset in the development of authentic and memorable experiences for visitors.

Retreats and Workshops: We believe that workshops and retreats can benefit from encounters with nature and culture. Nature has many lessons that can be learned that can serve to reinforce workshop and retreat objectives. Add music and story-tellers and now you can round out a workshop or retreat that will be memorable and effective. We welcome the opportunity to explore ideas with you to develop entertaining and engaging activities for retreats. Companies seeking to improve their community connections through sustainable new programming will find much in common with NovaNature Adventures and Consultants. Let’s chat…

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